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1) Call Premier Systems & Design, Inc. and have one of our roofing experts give you a FREE inspection to determine the extent of your damage.  If we determine there is sufficient damage to your roof, now is the time to call your home owner's insurance company and file a claim.

2) It is very important to have your Premier Systems & Design, Inc. Representative meet with your insurance adjuster at the time of their inspection.  Your insurance adjuster will require you to have a signed contract from your contractor.  Your Project Supervisor will work with your insurance adjuster on your behalf, making sure your receive the full compensation you are entitled to.

3)  Your Insurance Company may want you to get 3 or 4 estimates.  This time  consuming process is up to you.  The amount your insurance company agrees to give you for repair of your home will be considered the total insurance allowance.  If you choose the lesser of proposals, your total insurance allowance will be reduced by this amount, regardless of the quality and integrity of the company itself.

4)  In most cases, your insurance company will make two payments.  The first check is for the actual cash value (ACV), less depreciation.  Upon completion of the work, your contractor will send a final invoice to your insurance company.  This invoice will include ACV plus depreciation, which equals your net claim.  Your insurance company will then release the depreciation check.


If temporary repairs are needed to prevent further loss to your property, you do not have to wait for your adjuster to inspect your home or settle your loss.  Temporary repairs must be made to prevent further loss to your property.  Most property policies have a reimbursement provision for reasonable and necessary temprary repairs costs (up to a specified limit) that you incur while trying to protect your covered property from additional damage resulting from a covered loss.  Please be sure to save receipts for reimbursement.  you also do not have to wait for your adjuster to inspect your home or settle your loss in order for you to select a repair firm, but you should wait to betin final repairs until an inspection is made an d the covered damages are properly assessed.